A Mercedes for your work
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The new Mercedes quote comes from a relationship emerged between Renault and the German company, based on the Renault Kangoo, consolidated in the market for light commercial vehicles, among which Mercedes will, for the first time , consolidation in this sector market.

For this, the Mercedes Citan comes with a 1.5 engine with two diesel engines 75 and 90 horsepower, with three body styles available : Box , Mixed and Combi , and three different lengths : 4.71 , 4.32 and 3 , 94 meters .

One of the most outstanding difference of this model, with its French cousin , the Kangoo , which emphasizes the long hood and typical Mercedes front , similar to the class of 2012. Cite but also contains other improvements over the Kangoo . For example, it has improved suspension stabilizer incorporating new and shorter springs, avoiding uncomfortable sways characterizing this class of vehicles . He has also been improved steering and guiding gearshift now being more precise.

Work with this Mercedes

The interior of the vehicle is practically traced to French Renault vehicle, except the console, which is completely new. The predominant material is plastic. Yes, the pieces are firmly seated. Not hear any creaking.

Although initially only available two diesel engines of 75 hp (named 108 CDI) and 90 horsepower (named 109 CDI ) , is expected the appearance of two new engines . On the one hand a new diesel engine of 110 hp and the other one 114 hp gasoline. Moreover, the latter two will be available with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Regarding the interior, can be described as spacious and comfortable for 5 people. It’s interesting the available space for the head height and legroom, well above and any minivan or sightseeing. That must attach to his incredible boot.

More information at http://www.mercedescitan.net/

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